Russian Brides: Mail Order Your Family Happiness

Meeting Russian brides online has never been easier than today, but still — it’s not the main reason why so many single men fall for this astonishing beauties. The real reason for their popularity is that they make amazing wives and attentive mothers. They are experts in running the house, and their cheerful smile and kind nature can cheer any man up. Beautiful Russian brides are gentle and feminine, while at the same time they have an iron will and quite assertive personalities. They hardly ever use those innate skills on their husbands, though. However, these qualities give hot Russian women the kind of psychological strength that makes them ideal partners in all situations.

To find these beauties and reach out to them, you need to register with one of the many Russian mail order brides services. Still, the simple fact that there are so many legitimate dating services out there makes one’s final choice of an exact platform somewhat challenging. Below, we’ll give you several pointers on choosing the best site that would work for you; and, of course, we will explain why Russians are such amazing wives and what you can expect from marrying one of these beautiful brides.

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Russian mail order brides: can you really order a wife?

We’ll not bury the lead here — no, not exactly. You can make use of a legitimate platform, but it does not mean you can literally buy a Russian bride of your choosing. In such a dramatic scenario, the platform would advertise human trafficking, which would automatically make such a site illegitimate.

Simply put, sites that offer you to mail order Russian brides are international online dating services, nothing else. They cannot ship you a person, but they can ensure you communicate with the real ladies — for a reasonable fee. A reputable dating website will have several local divisions in Russia, where women will get all the help they need in creating their profiles. If you logged in to any of such services, you may have noticed that all photos look very professional. That’s one of the things a local agency caters to — they make sure every single lady that joins their Russian brides club looks presentable.

Of course, you may feel that paying for ladies’ photo sessions is none of your concern, and you would be right to do so. Polished up profiles are not the only reason why brides sites charge clients for their services. The real features worth this cost are security and ultimate protection from online fraud.  Every new bride who wants to join the website will have to verify her identity — either locally, in one of the company offices, or online — over a video call. The admins will check her ID will ask her to provide proof that she is indeed single. Divorced women can join, too; if however, the lady is separated from her husband, she will have to wait until her divorce is final.

So, when men join reputable dating services that know for a fact that all hot Russian brides they meet via the platform are real people. More than that, an agency will often run additional checks on an occasional basis, calling the ladies to make none of their profiles switched hands.

As for the rest, a mail order brides service will work pretty much like any other dating app. Users will have a chance to log in, fill in their profile descriptions, set search settings to meet their ideal match criteria, and take a look at other users’ profiles. If one of the Russian brides catches your eye and you decide to contact her, that’s when you are expected to pay.

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Choosing payment and service plans that suit you

The payment logic, however, may differ from one dating agency to another one. All in all, it is possible to subdivide all payment plans into three types:

  • Fixed subscription: with this type, customers pay fixed-price for a bulk of features included in each subscription. Normally, a dating website should offer you several plans, where the most basic one will include only written communication with the beautiful Russian women (unlimited), and the most expensive one will have all features the site has to offer. Usually, those are video and voice calls, anonymous browsing, message translation, search result boost, etc. Depending on the exact number of features a dating website offers (as well as on their quantity), one platform may have a couple more subscription plans in-between these two extremes.
  • Per-service plan: this is the simplest billing logic, where users are supposed to pay for every service they use. Some sites will simply ask you to top off your account balance, while others will urge you to buy virtual coins and then spend them on the site. Still, the end result is the same — every letter you send (sometimes, even read), every minute of chat you use — will have to be paid for. The only advantage of such payment plan is that you get to pay only for the services you really need, instead of ordering a set of features in a subscription that suits you most (and end up using only some of those features). Still, paying on a per-service basis often proves to be a pricier solution. Besides, such billing logic does not have any discounts for being a long-term member — there is a fixed cost for every letter, chat minute, etc.
  • Mixed payment type: this is the fairest payment plan and the best news — quite a lot of professional dating services use it. Here, you get a chance to buy a subscription for unlimited communication and order any additional features you need for extra cash. One of the most popular features men appreciate is a chance to send their ladies a real gift. It will either be delivered to the bride by Russian post (via the local agency) or — if the agency has an office in the bride’s city — she can stop by the agency and claim her present. The selection will depend on the site, but usually, those are inexpensive tokens of affection — flowers, chocolate, maybe some affordable perfume.

Besides, most legit agencies should offer additional perks men will eventually need in search of Russian women for marriage. Most of them should be able to arrange your trip to Russia when you decide to meet your lovely match (or even several potential brides) in person. If you do decide to get married, a professional service should also be able to help you with getting your bride a visa. It may sound to far-off in the future right now, but when looking for a reliable dating platform, we suggest thinking long-term. After all, it takes most men approximately a year to settle down and choose one of the stunning Russian brides.

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Hot Russian brides and their captivating personalities

By now, you should have a good idea of how Russian mail order wives services work. Still, the pressing question is — do Russian women make good wives? We mentioned that they are excellent homemakers and good mothers, and we also hinted that they are reliable life partners, in general. Still, how would it feel to live with a Russian wife? What kind of people they are? Find out below.

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They take great pride in their families

It’s no secret Russian women brides love their families. In fact, it’s common for Russians to rely on each other, and family members are the first and the most important people in this reliability circle. It’s not uncommon for Russian wives to sacrifice careers for their households, even though these women do not see such a decision as a sacrifice. For them, it’s the most rational thing to do if a husband can provide for the family financially. They, in turn, are in charge of providing for the family in all other aspects of life, from running every little household errand and keeping a spotless home to cooking healthy meals and raising the children.

On the other hand, plenty of Russian brides you’ll meet will have a good education and solid careers; more importantly, plenty of them can combine jobs with household chores. So, if the idea of living with a full-time homemaker does not exactly appeal to you, discuss this issue with your potential matches.

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They support their family members no matter what

Even when they are young, Russian girls learn the true value of support. This, first of all, means that Russian wives will invest a lot of effort into making sure all their family members are fine. Apart from running a perfect house, they will work hard to sustain peace and love within their family units. They will support their husbands, children, blood and in-law relatives in all situations — even if the relative in question is not exactly right. ‘Outsiders are wrong, our kind has the right of it’ is the motto even single Russian women live by. And, when they get married, there is no chance you or your family winds up in the ‘outsider’ circle.

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They run households with meticulous care

Any men who used to date Russian women will tell you how careful they are in keeping their homes tidy. You may notice it yourself, even as you video chat with one of your potential matches. Make no mistake — the spotless room you see behind the lady is not for your sake — they keep such clean and organized homes for themselves. When they get married, however, most of them tend to invest even more effort into making sure each family member is comfortable at home.

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They work hard in all spheres of all

Even as you chat with Russian women online, you will still notice how educated these ladies are and how many different hobbies they have. They are hard-working, and they work hard on themselves as well. They get an education, take extra classes to boost their professional skills, they network, they exercise; simply put, they never stop working on their self-development. Some may focus more on the social and psychological progress, others pay more attention to their bodies, but the vast majority of hot Russian brides strive to combine the two. Women from Russia are smart and beautiful, and they have what it takes to become successful in any sphere of life.

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Final word on successful online relationships

No doubt, online dating has opened up a new world of possibilities, but it still has certain challenges. The cultural gap is one of them, so we suggest you take some time reading about Russia, its women, and traditions. First of all, it’s always exciting to learn new things. Second, it will seriously increase your chances of meeting an excellent match and charming the lady of your choosing. And, given how smart, hard-working and beautiful Russian brides are, you really should apply some effort — it will all pay off when you find your perfect match!

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