Meet Asian Brides and Forget Your Bachelor Troubles

Young Asian girls have captivated the minds of men for centuries. Ever since the Europeans started traveling to this continent, Asian women have become a ‘thing.’ Today, however, you do not need to travel that far to meet Asian women — you can do it online, in the comfort of your own home. Even better than that — you can make use of international dating platforms to find yourself a perfect bride and take her home. But do Asian brides make good wives? Let’s find out below.

The phenomenon of Asian mail order brides explained

First of all, we would have to explain the logic behind the ‘Asian mail order brides’ term. While in reality, no one is literally mailing a brand new bride to your doorstep, there are quite a lot of services that can facilitate your online dating process. Differently from most international dating websites that welcome all sorts of relationship goals and even sexual orientations, mail order brides websites always cater to long-term heterosexual relationships. So, if you do not want to constantly adjust your search filters to ‘straight’ and ‘interesed in women,’ such platforms already have this one covered.

Next, you can stay certain that beautiful Asian women populating such services have serious intentions in mind. That is, they plan to start a family with someone outside their cultural setting, and all of them are ready to move abroad. As to why they that, one can list many reasons. First of all, most Asian countries remain male-dominated, and women do not have a say in many matters. Some of them are not even allowed to choose their own husbands because pre-arranged marriages are still common in certain areas — India, in particular. Plenty of hot Asian women want better in life, so they embark on an online dating adventure.

As to the widespread stereotype of gold-digging scammers, you can relax. We still consider Asia a third-world continent, which explains our prejudiced attitude toward women’s motives. In reality, a lot of Asian countries are quite well-off — even India, which we often imagine as poor and destitute — is not as impoverished as we’re used to thinking. And, of course, Asia has many highly-developed, westernized countries like Japan or South Korea, for example.

So, you cannot use this stereotypic ‘one size fits all’ approach to such a large and culturally diverse continent as Asia. Asian singles come from multiple backgrounds, have different incomes, education, and careers. What most Asian women do have in common is male-oriented societies that leave them little ground for personal expression. And that’s exactly what most of them hope to find in the West — along with a bit of love and affection.

Why an Asian wife is better than a Western match?

Still, the fact that an average Asian bride is no gold-digger does not automatically mean she’s going to make a good wife. A couple of other aspects, on the other hand, do. A typical Asian girl will have different education and upbringing, and her world outlooks are very different from those of an average Western woman. Men who value traditions and old-fashioned subdivision of responsibilities into male and female ones will find an Asian wife way more appealing than a western life partner. Here are just some of the reasons why:

Attitude to homes and careers

Hot Asian girls place a stronger emphasis on the importance of families in their lives. Even in their early twenties, they come off way more mature than most Western ladies. This happens because ever since their childhood, Asians are taught that women are the primary housekeepers. They are responsible for the coziness of their homes, as well as for their husbands’ comfort and happiness.

Of course, the world is changing, and modern women have more career opportunities than they did before — even in Asia. However, social norms and traditions linger, and it’s impossible to imagine an Asian woman who would prioritize her job over her family. Living with an Asian wife means coming back to a clean and carefully decorated house, with a seductive smell of the deliciously cooked meal. Even if she has a full-time job, she’ll find the time to run your house, turning it into a real home.

Family in an Asian’s woman’s mind

This issue is the logical continuation of the previous one, but we believe it deserves another mention. Apart from keeping their houses clean and well-kept, cooking meals for their husbands and children, beautiful Asian women care about their families’ happiness. This implies way more than just taking care of their basic needs: an average Asian wife will try to ensure all of her immediate family members are content, if not happy. This means that she will always make her husband feel welcome after a hard day at work; that she will put her best effort into raising children and teaching them all essential skills they’ll need in life. She will stand her family’s ground in times of need and trouble. More importantly, she will not see it as a sacrifice — differently from most Western ladies. For her, it’s a life’s calling.

Asian girls upbringing: some cultural differences

Most of the marvelous character traits we’ve already covered above come from an Asian woman’s upbringing. In societies that remain highly patriarchal, women play a second part — that is, they see their duty as supporting their husbands (as a rule, emotionally). So, an Asian wife will unlikely contradict her husband — not unless she’s asked to give an honest and direct opinion on an issue she doesn’t agree with. For the same reason, there will no idle gossiping with her girlfriends — in Asia, criticizing a family member is a rude offense. Every single detail of your private life with an Asian woman will remain private.

Surely, this is just a general overview of Asian mentality, but once again — remember that Asia is a very vast continent, so we will not generalize any further. China, Japan, India, Malaysia, Taiwan — all of these countries, as well as their women, have cultural peculiarities of their own. So, the above info is just a quick summary of what you can expect. In reality, there will be plenty of extra surprises you’ll love about your Asian bride.

Exploring the best Asian dating sites

The web allows you to explore the fascinating world of Asian women dating without planning a trip to an unknown and — to be completely frank — utterly exotic location. Still, it does not mean that your online journey will not be a bit confusing. The sheer amount of websites that work with different countries and demographics may be overwhelming. You can find any match, from a hot Asian teen to a mature woman online.

So, the trick is to know what you’re looking for — this will save you both time and money. As you know, most dating services charge subscription fees or send clients a monthly bill based on the services they’ve used, so it’s advisable to stick to one platform that caters to your best interest. Below, we’ll give you quick tips on how you can find such a website — without spending too much time browsing the web.

Choosing a site that suits you

Consider a particular demographics you’d be interested in. First of all, you’ll have to understand what kind of bride you’re hoping to find, which has a lot to do with your own idea of a perfect partner. We do understand that often it’s easier said than done, but still — rack your brains a little bit. At the very least, consider your potential spouse’s age range. As we’ve already mentioned, you can join more mainstream sites; on such platforms, most brides will be in their late 20s and early 30s — few will be younger or older. Other platforms cater to more mature demographics, with a large percentage of users in their late forties and older.

Next, there is the country. While some dating sites offer a selection of Asian brides, regardless of the specific location, most of them still work with just one country or region. If you do not know which Asian country interests you the most, you could go with general Asian dating sites for a start. However, limiting your search options to one or several states may prove a better, less time-consuming idea.

Choose a payment plan you’re comfortable with. As already mentioned, some platforms charge a subscription fee, while others bill clients on a per-service basis. Here, the choice is yours; the actual payment does not affect the site’s credibility — as long as its pricing policy is clear and comprehensible. Most of the time, the amount of money spent per month will not be that different for each of these payment options. A monthly subscription will cost somewhere in between twenty and sixty bucks a month, and paying on a per-service basis should ultimately sum up to the same amount.

Also, certain services may offer you to purchase virtual credits, which is essentially the same as paying on a per-service basis. The difference is that you buy credits in bulk and then spend them on paid communication means — letters, chats, gifts, etc. Such an option is also a viable one. Still, make some initial calculations before you pay. Consider what’s included in the subscription cost and which services can be obtained for credits. In the end, choose a site with a pricing policy you understand and like.

Double-check the site’s reputation. At this point, you should probably have picked several platforms you consider joining. The next step is double-checking customer feedback on each of those sites. Don’t fall for testimonials published directly on the company’s website. Go to social media and independent review platforms instead. You do not necessarily have to go for popular sites; it’s enough to find one that matches your needs and has a good reputation among people who’ve tried it.

Consider the functionality you’ll need. Finally, do not discard the site’s functionality — after all, an average man spends at least six months looking for a good match. So, you’ll be using the platform for half a year, and you should enjoy doing it. Today, some of the best Asian dating sites offer a vast range of perks and features — and chances are, you will not use most of them.

For example, think of your preferred communication means. Some platforms stress on sending emails, others emphasize live chat options. Some websites can deliver local gifts to your matches, others do not. Some dating services are interactive and turn match-making into a game, while others stick to essential communication features. Finally — and quite importantly — some international dating services are very helpful in arranging your trip to Asia. They may even help you get a marriage license and a visa for your Asian bride. Some other dating platforms do not bother with that, and only charge clients for communication means.

With this in mind, finding a solid dating site should not be too difficult. Once you do, however, do not put all of your eggs in one basket — talk to as many beautiful Asian women as you like before you pick just one or two good matches. Once you’re ready, pay your Asian bride a visit and see how it goes.

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